Food Safety

safety-photoOur policy is to ensure that the highest possible standards of food quality, safety, and hygiene are implemented and met through all levels of our supply chain, from farm to the retailer. We are committed to providing a high quality product that is safe for the consumer. The following are some of the measures we have put into place to ensure those standards:

  • Our partnered packers & storage/distribution facilities participate in independent third party inspections to examine their practices and procedures.The minimum passing requirements for their respective audits are designed to ensure that they meet Pro Citrus Network’s customer base’s needs.
  • Our partnered packers & storage/distribution facilities have instituted a Food Security Program
  • We track our grower lots to ensure traceability
  • Our partnered packers & storage/distribution facilities are HACCP compliant.

Current Food Safety Certificates

California Packinghouses
Haury Farms
Huebert Farms

Houston Distribution Center
Houston Refrigerated Logistics

Chilean Packinghouses
Agricom Packing #1
Agricom Packing #2
Santa Cruz Packing #1
Santa Cruz Packing #2

Peruvian Packinghouses
Agricola Las Marias Packing
Agricola NorSur
Agricola NorSur Packing #1