dodgeAllan Dodge

In a sense, Allan Dodge started farming long before he had the opportunity to farm on his ranch in 2010. Growing up, he had the opportunity to work on his grandfather’s farm, working in the fields and learning the value of hard work. Now, on his farm, he grows navels, cara cara oranges, mandarins, lemons, grapefruit, olives and pomegranates. He chose his ranch’s location because it sits on a southern slope hillside which is the prime location for maximum sunshine to produce the sweetest citrus available. He isn’t satisfied with just ok… he strives to be and do his very best on the farm, and because of that a lot of TLC goes into his farming.



robertsDave Roberts

David began farming in 1980 when he joined the family business made up of 4 generations. The family farms from Southern Fresno County to Southern Tulare County mostly because Percy, David’s father, saved small amounts of money and encouraged his kids to invest in land. With hard work, big dreams and faith in God, this family has farmed for over 30 years, and with God’s grace, they’d love to pass down the heritage to their children and children’s children. 

On their ranch, they grow PISTACHIOS, AVOCADOS, CHERRIES and a wide range of citrus: NAVELS, VALENCIA ORANGES, CARA CARA ORANGES, BLOOD ORANGES, BUDDHA HANDS, MEYER LEMONS, SEEDLESS and REGULAR LEMONS, ERTROG LEMONS and GRAPEFRUIT. David feels that every farming day has God’s blessing: a reward of working with talented people to overcome challenges, and of enjoying blessings from Mother Nature. Not a day goes by that he doesn’t think of his father. David’s passion for farming is working to fulfil his father’s dream… and his father’s dream has become his own.


dirTeresa Dir

David and Teresa Dir, along with their 2 young daughters, began farming their 250+ acre ranch of citrus and olives in Elderwood, California in 1997. After David’s untimely passing, Teresa became a single mother, and thanks to the help of family friends in the industry, was able to continue farming. The girls, one now a mother herself, will one day continue the heritage.




Inestroza-Family-landscape-2Jorge & Julia Inestroza

The Richardson Ranch, established in 1917, is operated by Julia and Jorge Inestroza who hope to one day turn it over to their daughter Laura, as the 5th generation. They farm this ranch sustainably, using responsible farming techniques and establishing new varieties of citrus and avocados. They take pride in every piece of fruit they grow. Their newest project is transitioning 100 acres to organic, which takes three years to complete.