agricomAgricom – Chile

Agricom, now one of the largest 10 fruit exporters in Chile, was formed in 1980. It is well-known by fruit importers worldwide for its professionalism, quality and satisfaction. Agricom employs over 2000 people across all job functions, from office to farm. Not only was it the first Chilean company to export avocadoes to the USA, it is also the pioneer and leader of high quality Chilean lemon exports. Now Agricom offers a full range of fruit, including grapes, stone fruit, berries, pomegranates and citrus.




santa-cruzSanta Cruz – Chile

Exportadora Santa Cruz was founded in 1990 to become a new alternative for the fruit industry in Chile. Their mission is to export their products worldwide, through the best distributors and retail chains, offering the best product, with freshness and the highest quality. Their fruit comes from a select group of growers distributed from the northern part of Chile, in Vallenar, stretching down to the Los Rios Region, in the south of the country. The groves are strategically located across key valleys and growing areas, to ensure a consistent supply of fruit during the entire length of the season.

For more information on Santa Cruz, visit their website or view the video below.