2004 – Opened our doors in November, establishing ourselves as a domestic citrus brokerage house and citrus importer from Chile, with future plans to directly market domestic fruit.

2005 – Introduced PCN Brand to the marketplace.

2006-2007 – Expanded import offerings from Chile with lemons into the Port of Florida.

2008 – Started harvesting, packing, and marketing grower product. Expanded with the addition of an import program directly into the Port of Houston. Added a seedless lemon program in the PCN Brand label, and expanded imports of easy peel mandarins into the United States.

2009 – Added navels from Chile to the PCN portfolio upon the removal of trade restrictions in the United States. Signed a marketing agreement with the largest pummelo grower/shipper/packer in California.

2010 – Established our first groves, including plantings of Satsuma mandarins, early, mid, and late-season navels, Cara Cara oranges, lemons, and Star Ruby grapefruit.

2012 – Formed a partnership with Huebert Farms to be a year-round PCN citrus packing facility in California. Expanded import program to include easy peel mandarins from Peru.

2013-2014 – Expanded the import operations in Houston from both Chile and Peru.

2016 – Established an East Coast division. Formed a partnership with Preferred Freezer Services in Houston, Texas to offer an import hub for Texas and the Mid-West.

2017 – Entered into an agreement with Eastern Propak in Glassboro, New Jersey to offer an import hub for the East Coast.  Became the sole marketer for SeaView Packing, Inc. in Coachella, CA; expanding our year-round citrus supply.