Our Team

PCN offers a consistent supply of premium quality citrus, delivered with a high level of service.  An integral part of being able to accomplish this is a cohesive group of employees.

Allan Dodge
Allan grew up in the citrus industry working in the orchards for his grandfather.  As a young adult, he progressed through sales into management, and eventually started his own marketing company and farming operation. What does Allan love about our industry?  His response, “I get to participate in a global industry that feeds people around the world.  Where else can I work with such a diverse and great bunch of people?”

Jacquie Ediger
Vice President
Jacquie has been with the company since its inception in 2004.  She is committed to the future success of the company and the fresh produce industry.  She has served on many committees and boards within the industry and local community.  She was named Produce Business Magazine’s top 40 under 40 professionals is 2011, and in 2014 was accepted to United Fresh’s leadership program.  Prior to joining PCN, Jacquie worked as sales manager for Famous Software.  Growing up in the agriculture industry, produce is her passion.  She states, “I’m inspired by the dynamic and challenging nature of the industry.  Plain and simple – it’s fun!”

Hector Gonzalez
Domestic Sales and Purchasing
Hector has been in the citrus industry since 1993, and with PCN since its inception in 2004.  His experience ranges from packing house operations to sales. His expertise is in buying and contract negotiations, and maximizing relationships to achieve the best returns for both the customer and grower. His favorite part of the job, “How multi-faceted it is, and the relationships I’ve had the opportunity to form with people from around the world.”

Matt Reel
Director of East Coast Division
Matt joined PCN in January of 2017 with over fifteen years of experience in the citrus import industry. Originally from Meeker, Colorado, he now resides in Vero Beach, Florida where he operates PCN’s newly formed East Coast Division. His favorite part of the industry is the relationships he develops all over the world, in all phases of the supply chain. He states, “I enjoy talking with growers about the strategies to maximize the value of their crop and working with customers to maximize their sales. That interaction and everything that takes place in between is what I love about the business.”

David Waters
Operations & Quality Control
David brings 26 years of produce experience to PCN, including being a USDA fruit and vegetable inspector, a buyer/quality control for Sam’s Club, sales/quality control for Westlake Produce and Martinous Produce. He was diagnosed with end-stage renal disease in 2009 which caused him to take a 2½ year hiatus to have a liver and kidney transplant. Fortunately for PCN, after his recovery, he joined us in 2012. He claims, “I love the excitement and ever changing nature of the produce industry, it’s never status quo, what’s not to love about that!”

Chelsie Mendoza
Operations & Business Projects Manager
Chelsie began in the stone fruit industry working in Human Resources and later transferred into Accounting.  She started with PCN as a Sales/Accounting Assistant, which gave her a broad understanding of the Company and the citrus industry. She is currently learning the operations and materials purchasing aspects.  She states, “My favorite part of the industry is it’s always changing, and in doing so it presents new challenges that help grow my knowledge of the business, all while allowing us to put fruit on the table for people to enjoy.”

Jamie Bell
Operations Manager – Houston Operation
Jamie grew up in the agricultural industry, focusing primarily on farming and dairy throughout his career until recently when he joined the PCN team in May 2017.  New to the produce industry,  his past experience and key values of a strong work ethic and hands-on management has proven to help PCN’s Houston Operation become more efficient and cohesive.  Often a man of few words, when asked what he thinks of the produce industry thus far?  He replied, “Never a dull moment!”.

Carlos Melendez
Domestic and Export Sales
Carlos has been in the produce business since 1971. His experience ranges from many years in the Mexican vegetable deal out of Nogales to selling tree fruit, fall fruits, table grapes, and now focusing on domestic and export citrus sales. He says, “In this industry, more than most, your word is your bond – both to the customer and the grower – honesty is the way to go. I also love that every day is different – it never gets boring.”

Hayden Souza
Domestic Sales
Hayden started in the produce industry as a produce inspector for Topco during his enrollment at Fresno State. Upon graduation, he knew he wanted to get into produce sales and could not ask for a more perfect fit than working with the PCN team. Hayden’s roots in the agricultural industry trace back to him working on his family’s dairy farm. The values of hard work, integrity, and a can-do attitude instilled in him from working on the ranches have transferred to his work at PCN. Although he is relatively new to the produce industry, he has already developed a passion for providing his customers with high quality produce. He claims, “My favorite part about the industry is all of the great relationships I’ve had the opportunity to establish that I hope to grow for many years to come. I’m proud to provide high quality fruit to my customers and will settle for nothing but the best!”

Stevy Mandaro
Domestic, Conventional & Organic Sales
Stevy started off in the hospitality industry where she learned an attention to detail and a passion for others’ success. She brought that attitude to the produce industry several years ago, learning berries, melons, grapes, citrus, stone fruit, and tropicals. She says,  “I love promoting a product I believe in. It is refreshing and humbling to be reminded daily how much we do depend on the earth and the elements for our food. My favorite place to be is in the middle of an orchard or field, one hand on the desk and one on the fruit!”

Doug Stewart
Domestic, Export & Organic Sales
Doug went from being a golf pro to working in the produce industry, and has never looked back.  He has been in produce since 1998, and his experience ranges from farming to sales in many commodities such as tropicals, melons, avocados, grapes, vegetables, nuts, fall fruits, tree fruit, and citrus. He claims, “I love what I do, especially the challenges of the business, while making my wildest dreams come true.”

Layton Johns
Layton grew up in the agriculture industry, primarily in cattle production. He moved into the produce industry when he joined PCN in 2016 to manage all Accounting practices and Human Resources. His background includes graduating from Oklahoma State’s Spears School of Business, and working for an international tax and audit firm, Grant Thornton, LLP in Los Angeles, CA. He states, “While accounting has been the foundation of my career, I have always been drawn to agriculture. Feeding the world is an endeavor to take pride in, and I am thankful I get to participate in that goal.”

Trevor Dodge
Grower Relations & Field Operations Manager
Trevor has helped PCN behind the scenes doing quality control and field work for a couple of years, and recently started full-time. Prior to joining PCN full-time, he attended college to become a Physical Therapist.  With deep family roots in agriculture and a desire to follow family traditions, he decided to switch his major to Ag Business.  He says, “I am excited to be a part of the PCN team as a grower representative, and I am eager to learn more about the family business and citrus industry.”

Jackie McCord
Grower Accounting Manager
McCord has been in the produce industry for over 25 years.  She started as an inventory controller in stone fruit and grapes before joining PCN in 2010.  Over the past several years, she has moved up from a sales assistant into management.  She states, “The citrus business has been a great challenge and a lot of fun.  I’ve been able to establish continuous working relationships with people all over the world.  There is nothing better than working in a diverse industry and growing with a company that has a drive to succeed.”

Houston Warehouse Team:
Esmeralda Rioz, Valentin Ipina, Fatima Zuniga, Darwin Cruz, and Carlos Arroyo lead our year-round operation in Houston, Texas.

Accounting, Sales Support & Administrative Team:
Julie Bell, Christie Ward, Stephanie Harrison, Susie Padgett, Mackenzie Mulligan, Janie Valdez, and Wendi Smith make up the rest of our team, and work diligently behind the scenes to make it all happen, from keeping our sales teams and management in line to making sure all offices operate smoothly.

Interested in joining our team? Please contact us at jobs@pcnbrand.com

What makes our team strong and unique?

Here’s what others on the PCN Team had to say…

experienced from grove to customer

great leader
effective decision maker

makes it happen under pressure
extensive experience in the industry

down to earth-genuine
great at building long-term relationships

master of getting it done
consistent & hardworking

successful under pressure
strives to succeed expectations

composed under pressure

jack of all trades
eager to help

eager to succeed
quick learner

passion for work & life
thoughtful & helpful

ability to make & keep great relationships
‘can-do’ attitude

very analytical

learns quickly
very personable & respectful

strong work ethic
reliable & dependable

great leader
mother of the crew

master of the forklift

great organizer
always smiling

master mechanic
jack of all trades

Carlos A.
great team player
positive thinker

dedicated to company success
supportive of team

goal oriented

hub of the Sales office

hard working