Navel Oranges – juicy and refreshing, Navel Oranges are considered by many to be the best oranges in the world for eating out of the hand. These sweet, seedless oranges have a thick meaty flesh, with rinds that are easy to peel. Navel Oranges are characterized by the development of a small secondary fruit in the blossom end of the main fruit, which causes a small hole that resembles a navel.

AvailabilityNovember through June from California, and July through October from Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Australia and South Africa.
Shipping pointsCentral California and during import season, Houston, TX.


Valencia Oranges – Known as the “Summer” Oranges, Valencia Oranges are characterized by their thinner skin with some seeds. They are sweet and juicy and excellent for juicing. Valencias are grown in California and Arizona and are subject to what experts call “regreening.” Valencias begin to turn orange before they are fully sweet, and as the weather becomes increasingly warm, chlorophyll begins to return to the surface of the skin, turning it green on the stem end. The color of the skin has no effect on the sweetness of the fruit so when ripe, these oranges are sweet and.

AvailabilityFebruary through September from California, and August through October from South Africa, Uruguay and Mexico.
Shipping points – Central California and various locations during import season.