blood orangesBloods

Blood Oranges – are sweet, with less acid than juice oranges. The interior is bright to dark maroon in color and taste like an orange with a hint of raspberry. Depending on the season, the outside of the orange may have a blush. They have few seeds.

AvailabilityLate December through mid-April.
Shipping pointsCentral California.

page mandarinsPage

Page Mandarins – are a cross between a Minneola tangelo and a Clementine Mandarin. Usually seedless, Page Mandarins are full of juice and have a wonderful flavor. The flesh color is a deep orange, and the fruit is juicy.

AvailabilityEarly January through March.
Shipping pointsCentral California.


Fairchild Tangerines – are the earliest tangerine of the season. They have a bright orange interior and pebbly deep orange exterior color. They are sweet and aromatic with some seeds.

AvailabilityLate October through December.
Shipping pointsCentral California.

cara cara navelsCaraCara

Cara Cara Navels – known as the power orange, Cara Cara oranges are high in Vitamin A and fiber, as well as a natural source of Lycopene. They have a deep pink interior and are quite sweet with very low acid. They also have few to no seeds.

AvailabilityMid-December through May from California.
Shipping pointsCentral California.


Pummelos – the largest citrus fruit is the Pummelo. It has firm flesh, thick skin, and is sweeter and less acidic than a grapefruit. As the season progresses the skin will change from dark green to yellow without any effect on the flavor.

AvailabilityMid-October through April.
Shipping pointsCentral California.


Grapefruit – named for the way the fruit grows in clusters, grapefruit is a medium to large citrus fruit. Grapefruit has no fat, cholesterol, iron or sodium and is rich in vitamins and calcium. Whether you choose the white to amber flesh of the Marsh White, the pink to reddish colored flesh of the Ruby Red, or the red flesh of the Flame, you’ll get great taste and a variety of health benefits.

Availability Year-round from California, January through mid-October from South Africa, Peru & Mexico.
Shipping pointsCentral California and various locations during import season.

cocktail grapefruitCocktail Grapefruit

Cocktail Grapefruit – are exceptionally sweet and juicy. They are actually not a true grapefruit, but a cross between a Frua Mandarin and a Pummelo. This variety has a similar flavor to a grapefruit but is sweeter and less acidic. Cocktail grapefruits are grown in the Central Valley of California and are hand-picked for the best quality.

AvailabilityNovember through February.
Shipping pointsCentral California.


Organics – are a growing part of the produce industry as a whole. Here at PCN we offer a variety of organic citrus products when in season. Whether your mainstream business is organics, or you are starting to build a program, PCN can help.

Shipping pointsCentral California.