Why PCN for Growers?

PCN is proud to offer value to every company and person who comes in contact with our product.  We do this by making sure each grower’s needs are satisfied to the highest level, while maximizing your returns.

  • Fast to Execute: PCN prides itself for being able to anticipate market trends. Our size allows us to make decisions and execute them quickly. Additionally, we are skilled to customize our market approach to our grower’s needs.
  • Overhead: Our size allows us to provide less overhead for you to support.
  • Timely and Accurate Data (pack-outs and accounting): PCN considers our growers as crucial members of our team. We understand that getting accurate information on a timely basis can make a real difference to your livelihood. We pride ourselves on delivering pack-outs and accounting information to our growers quickly.
  • Packing Partners – Our packing partners have customized cold storages to accommodate our needs.
  • Year-Round Supply: Our customers look to us year-round for supply and consistency.
  • Customer Portfolio: PCN’s customer portfolio is evenly and well diversified to ensure you gain the most benefit of diversification and access to all channels of distribution.