Why PCN for Retail?

PCN is proud to offer value to every company and person who comes in contact with our product.  We do this by making sure we understand each customer’s needs and satisfy them to the highest level. 

  • Contract Pricing: Whether pricing is for a week or long-term contracts, PCN has the solution. We have the experience to create a program that works.
  • Freight Logistics: We accommodate the needs of delivering product to our numerous customers all over the United States.
  • Customer Specific Programs: At PCN, our top priority is to understand and service our customer’s specific needs, no matter how diverse they may be.
  • Consolidation: Logistics efficiency has become a very important component of being competitive. We can help by consolidating oranges, lemons, and other produce items at one packing facility.
  • Understanding Market Trends: The PCN team has years of experience in the citrus industry, with a good understanding of past, present and what the market will tend to do in the future.
  • Promotional Plans: We can help with anything from the best time to promote in terms of access to supply, in-store promotions, point of sale material creation, and sponsorships. PCN believes in helping our customers sell more product and satisfy their customers.